Friday, December 6, 2013

Speculators 2013 Poems Published

At the end of the year, we've been putting together a list of the speculative (science fiction/horror/fantasy) poems the people in the group have published in the calendar year, so make list of your pubs and put it in the comments section below, or e-mail it to me, and I'll add them.

Categories: short poems (under 50 lines), haiku and scifaiku, long poems (50 lines and over)
(listing reprints is optional, but if you do, put them as a separate category).

Speculators 2013:

Michael Ceraolo:

Short SF poems:

  • "Everyday People" - Pirene's Fountain April 2013
  • "A Horse with No Name" - FreeXpression June 2013
  • "Hail to the Chief" - SpeedPoets Zine vol. 13.3 
Long SF poems:

Non-SF poems: (too numerous to list)


Joshua Gage:


Short SF poems:

  • Questions About Devils, Star*Line 
  • Phoenix, Dreams and Nightmares 
  • Twilight Aeronauts, Star*Line 

Long poem:


  • “deep space run—“ Scifaikuest 
  • “time and tide” Scifaikuest 
  • “planet dust” Scifaikuest 
  • “methane storm—“ Scifaikuest 
  • “Earthrise” Scifaikuest 
  • “desert planet” Scifaikuest


Holly Jensen:

Short SF poems:


Geoffrey A. Landis:

speculative poems can be found here.

Short poems:

  • "On the Semileptonic Decays of Mesons," Asimov's (Apr/May 2013)
  • “Rivers,” Asimov's (June 2013)
  • “Listening to the Skies,” Analog (July/August 2013)
  • “I Dream of Shining Steel,” The Squire, Volume 4: Warriors Anthology (July 2013)
  • "All Hallow's Eve" (audio) SFPA Halloween reading (Oct. 2013)
  • "Haiku for H.P. Lovecraft and Modern Physics," Cthulhu Haiku II (Popcorn Press)


  • Worship the ancient, Cthulhu Haiku II (Popcorn Press)/li>
  • The atoms that are us, Star*Line (36.4, Autumn 2013)

Long poem:

  • “Across the Dark, the Pioneers,” Starship Century (May 2013) (reprint in Franck Marchis SETI blog (Sept 2013))

Non-SF poems:

  • “Ode to my lover's small intestine,” Chizine (April 2013)
  • "Jack McGuane's Hat" and “Heartbreak makes me Horny” (photo): Cheap&Easy #1 (Crisis Chronicles, Nov 2013).
  • "Family Ties," Vending Machine Poetry for Change (Poet's Haven, Nov 2013)


  • 12 Haiku: The Squire, Volume 3: The Seasons Anthology (Writing Knights, March 2013)
  • cat haiku, On Velvet Feet (Poet's Haven, 2013)
  • “Distant train whistle,” “Luminous twilight,” and “Wheelbarrow,” Lifting the Sky anthology, Dos Gatos press (2013)
  • “Longing for the Ocean,” Best of Ohio 2013 (2nd place in Ohio Poetry Day Haiku contest)

Reprinted 2013:

  • “moon floats in darkness” (haiku) in Amazing
  • “Bearded Kalliope,” in Hessler Street Fair poetry anthology 2013
  • “A Villanelle,” Pohemians June 2013
  • "Ghosts" and "Singularity," Dwarf Stars 2013 (SFPA 2013)
  • “At One Gee,” Lyrikline, Sept. 2013
  • “Your Ghost on My Machine,” Best of Ohio 2013
  • "One Breath," "Open Mike at Neon Cup," and "Mohammed & Jesus," in Poetry SuperHighway (Sept 9-16 2013)

dan smith


  • (many short poems/scifaiku) published in The Liquid of Her Skin, the Suns of Her Eyes (Nightballet Press 2013)


J. E. Stanley

Short poems:

  • “The Origin of Water,” Lipsmack! (NightBallet Press). 
From the chapbook Selected Regions of the Moon (NightBallet Press):
  • “The Sad Gravity of the Moon” 
  • “bleached bones” 
  • “this second” 
  • “After Eye Surgery” 
  • “Letter from Poe” 
  • “Chemistry” 
  • “Sakura Sakura” 
  • “Silver Nitrate Trilogy” 
  • “History” 
  • “Somewhere”



Mary A. Turzillo:

poems can be found here

Short poems:

  • "If We Are Alone," Analog May 2013
  • "Peach," Best of Ohio 2013 (3rd in Ohio Poetry Day "Literary Personae" contest)
  • "Cats are Poetry," On Velvet Feet (Poet's Haven, Spring 2013)
  • "Five Senryu for Isabella, On Velvet Feet (Poet's Haven, Spring 2013)