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Speculators 2007 publications list

Speculator's 2007 Published

  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Poetry published this year (as of December):

      Michael Ceraolo:
    1. "In the Year 2525" - The City Issue 18.
    2. "Earached My Eye" - The City Issue 19.
    3. "Celluloid Heroes"- Fullosia Press April 2007
    4. "Living in the USA" - Poetry Gallery Winter/Spring 2007.
    5. "Smoke on the Water"- Split Whiskey #59.
    6. "Both sides Now"- Split Whiskey #60.
    7. "Purple Haze," IIllumen.
    8. "Games People Play," Sporty Spec anthology.
    9. "Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n Roll," Green Panda Press anthology Animals Without Backbones.

      Joshua Gage:
    1. "Tales for Children", Gobllin Fruit Summer 2007.
    2. (untitled) Scifiku.

      Geoffrey A. Landis:
    1. "City Forged of Steel" Analog, Dec. 2007.

      Drew Morse:.
    1. "Overcoming Distance (for Eris & Dysnomia)", Astropoetica.
    2. "Leap of Faith,"Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Autumn 2007

      Dan Smith:
    1. "Bike Boy" on Deep Cleveland poem of the week.
    2. "The Many Facets of his Demons (disco ball jim)", on Deep Cleveland poem of the week.
    3. "Automatons," in Sein und Werden Spring 2007.

      J. E. (Jim) Stanley:
    1. "modest impact craters" Star*Line, 30/3 (July/August 2007).
    2. "Blues Song," deep cleveland junkmail oracle: LitFix #31, February 2007.
    3. "stanza crunch" deep cleveland junkmail oracle: LitFix #31, February 2007.
    4. "Wilderness" deep cleveland junkmail oracle: LitFix #31, February 2007.
    5. "Djam Karet" in ChiZine, Issue #32, April-June 2007.
    6. "Ghazal for Mark S. Kuhar" (with Miles Budimir, Joanne Cornelius, Joshua Gage & Dan Smith) in Sein und Werden (print version) Winter 2007.
    7. "In the Asylum" in Sein und Werden, Spring 2007.
    8. "Mirrors" in The Ghazal Page, June 2007.
    9. "tripping 3", Deep Cleveland poem of the week.
    10. "--"(check title) poem in the Green Panda Press anthology Animals Without Backbones.
    11. "Language" MoonLit, Fall 2007.
    12. "Yuki-Onna" Sein und Werden, vol. 2 No. 2 online

      Mary Turzillo:
    1. Your Cat & Other Space Aliens (book) from VanZeno Press
      Of these, previously unpublished SF poems were:
      • "Augmented
      • "Botanist"
      • "Box World"
      • "Consolations of Bast"
      • "Early Space Traveler Fantasies"
      • "Foam Peanuts Float in Ditch"
      • "Gacy"
      • "Gypsy and the Snake
      • "Hibiscus Island, 2034 AD"
      • "Pasadena, July 4, 1997: Earth Invades Mars"
      • "Signs You're in Trouble"
      • "Snow after False Spring, Again"
      • "Suppose Heaven"
      • "The Telescope"
      • "The Tyrannosaur under 81st and 7th Avenue"
      • "We Made Poetry"
    2. "Intelligent Designer" in New Verse News, May 29 issue.
    3. "Sirens" in the Harrow, Vol. 2, No. 2.
    4. "Surrogate" in Star*Line Vol. 30 No. 3, May/June 2007 (chosen as editor's choice)
    5. "Vicious Trees" in Goblin Fruit Autumn 2007.

      Cathrynne Valente:
    1. "An Issue of blood," in GrendelSong 2.
    2. "An Intersection of Blood and Gold," in GrendelSong 2.
    3. "Inhumed, Her Star-Staked Body Bloodless Lies," in GrendelSong 2.
    4. "Glass, Blood, and Ash" in GrendelSong 2.
    5. "How Comes this Blood Upon the Key?" in GrendelSong 2.
    6. "The Seven Devils of Central California," at Farrago's Wainscot.
    7. "Rampion" at Farrago's Wainscot.
    8. "The Immigrant," at Farrago's Wainscot.
    9. "Crow" in Jabberwocky 3 .
    10. "Errata" in Goblin Fruit Spring 07.
    11. "Flax" in Goblin Fruit Winter 07.

      Marie Vibbert:
    1. "Pancho's Email" in Abyss and Apex issue 22.

  • Reprints this year:
      Dan Smith and Joshua Gage:
    1. "Icon" in Sein Und Werden, Winter 2007.
      Jim (J.E.) Stanley:
    1. Dark Intervals (book) from VanZeno Press.
      Mary Turzillo:
    1. many poems reprinted in Your Cat & Other Space Aliens from VanZeno Press.
      Cat Valente:
    1. "The Child Bride of the Lost City of Ubar," "The Descent of the Corn-Queen of the Midwest," and "The Eight Legs of Grandmother Spider" in the Rhysling Anthology (SFPA, 2007).
      Joanne Cornelius, Dan Smith and J. E. Stanley:
    1. "Hallucinogenic Fugue State" in Sein und Werden (online version) Winter 2007.

  • Non-Genre Poems:
      Geoffrey Landis:
    1. "Cy Dostal Explains Poetry" in The City Poetry, issue 19.
      Dan Smith:
    1. "Gross National Product" in Hazmat Review
    2. "Lost on the Black Opal Highway" and "As the Poet Dies... a Splintering" in Sein und Werden Summer 2007.
    3. "Transsubstantiation" and "How Fierce Our Love and Inarticulate" on Deep Cleveland Junkyard Oracle 31.
    4. "It's Here", "Elsewhere", "Opening", and "Amen" on Deep Cleveland poem of the week.
      J.E. Stanley, Joanne Cornelius, Mark S. Kuhar, Jack McGuane & Dan Smith:
    1. "saved by the pyschotropic tempest: a collaboration of wild mind" in the deep cleveland junkmail oracle. February, 2007.
      Joanne Cornelius and J. E. Stanley:
    1. "Prophet," Deep Cleveland poem of the week.
      Mary Turzillo:
    1. (many non-genre poems appear for the first time in Your Cat and Other Space Aliens; list yet to come)
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    1. Since the old geocities site that Richard had for the group is dead, I reposted onto the this site the 2007 and 2008 lists of publications, just to keep them available as archival material. Formatting is icky, with way too many blank lines, but I don't see the point in spending the time to revise it to make it pretty.

      Unfortunately, I'm not *absolutely* sure that these are the final recent versions of either of these-- I very well might have not bothered to pull down the final version since it was up on the web. Date for the 2007 list is January 13, 2008, and date for the 2008 list is January 16 2009. If you have a later revision to post, please do.