Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Speculators 2011 Poems Published

At the end of the year, we usually put together a list of the speculative (science fiction/horror/fantasy) poems we published in the calendar year, so make list of your pubs and put it in the comments section below, or e-mail it to me, and I'll add them.

Categories: short poems (under 50 lines), haiku and scifaiku, long poems (50 lines and over)
(if you list reprints, put them separately)

Speculators 2011:

T. M. Göttl:
(list still incomplete)
Short poems:
    • "Bridges," Franklin Christoph Poetry Contest 2011

    Geoffrey A. Landis:
    Short poems:
        • "Leaf," and "My Father's Ties," Best of Ohio 2011 (Ohio Poetry Day Oct 21 2011)
        reprinted 2011:
        • "'Abd Al Muqeet," Battlerunes: Writings about War
        • "Earthrise, viewed from Meridiani," and "Search," Astropoetica, Winter 2011
        • "Five Pounds of Sunlight," American Journal of Physics, March 2011
        • "8 Cleveland Haiku," Deep Cleveland Poem of the Week (week of April 17)
        • "Albert & Mileva," and "Adamentine," Butterfly Away (MagnaPoets, April 2011)
        • "Your Ghost on my Machine," Hessler Street fair Anthology 2011
        • "Rondel for Apollo 11," Rhysling Anthology 2011
        • "Monsters," Jack O' Spec (Sept. 2011)
        • "Human Potential," and "Quasar," Science Poems
        • "The Spirit Rover Longs to Bask in Sunlight," and "Willie in the Nano Lab," Chambanacon-41 souvenir booklet (Nov 26 2011)

        Dan Smith
        Short Poems
        • "89 cents," Deep Cleveland Junk Mail Oracle 11-28-11
        • "Ruins," Sein und Werden, 4-9-11 on-line
        • "Matinee Motel: Hollywood-Two Humans," Sein und Werden, 4-9-11 print
        • "the bells of the monkeys," Microcosms 7-24-11
        • "we poison life," Microcosms 7-24-11
        • "mining," Microcosms 7-24-11
        • "Conflation," Scifaikuest 2-11 on-line
        • "Chirality," Scifaikuest 2-11 print
        • "the terra-formers " Scifaikuest 2-11 on-line
        • "day sleeper " Scifaikuest 2-11 print
        • "rings of Saturn " Scifikuest 2-11 print
        • "we misjudged" Scifaikuest 2-11 on-line
        • "red sunset " Scifaikuest 2-11 print
        • "Robespierre Had The Greenest Eyes," Paper Crow, vol. 2-issue #1, Spring/Summer 2011
        • "The Rubaiyat of the Green Shazam," "kaliedoscope," and "no substitute for Tegrin,"Pudding Magazine: The Journal of Applied Poetry, #57 Summer 2011
        • "Blue Symphony," SpeedPoets 5-11
        • "The Heart Knows What the Mind Can Only Dream," SpeedPoets 3-11
        • "In Those Moments Kneeling God Shouts From Typewriters of Time Signed First Edition Hallelujahs," SpeedPoets 4-11
        • "sing the coruscate nows, full throated green-published," in Fuck Poetry, Crisis Chronicles #7, 2011
        • Tats, Red Fez 4-11
        • Cleveland Always With Us, Matinee Motel-The Musical, Poetry Eyes, 11-11 in Brandt 21
        • "the house software," Dwarf Stars 2011 (SFPA)

        J. E. Stanley:

        Chapbook: "Rapid Eye Movement" (Crisis Chronicles Press 2011)
          Includes the following poems that are not previously published:
          • scifaiku: "Obsession"
          • long poem: "Speaking to the Hangman is not Permitted"
          Short poems:
          • "Eidolons of the Moon," Chiaroscuro (Chizine): Vol. 47, week 6, May 2011 (also in Rapid Eye Movement)
          • "Pattern Recognition," Star*Line, July-September 2011
          • "Macrocosmic Propagation" (Haibun Version), Star*Line, October-December 2011
          • "apocalypse next," Scifaikuest, November 2011, Print Edition
          • "Event Horizon," Eye to the Telescope, SFPA, May 2011
          • "In the Year of One Hundred Deaths", 2011 Hessler Street Fair Poetry contest
          • "Letter to Poe," Sein und Werden, April 2011, Print Edition
          • "eleven minutes" and "your view," Dwarf Stars, SFPA 2011
          • "crossroads," The 2011 Rhysling Anthology, SFPA 2011
          • "City of Bridges," "Autonomic," "Pattern Recognition," "Empty," "Eleven Minutes," "a night more precious than its absence," "Urban Surrender," "This is Not a Test," "Lost on the Black Opal Highway," "In the Asylum," "Eidolons of the Moon," "Lunaticus (in D Minor)," "Macrocosmic Propagation," "Cabaret" and "The Diner at the End of the World," Rapid Eye Movement (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2011)

          Mary A. Turzillo:

          Short poems
          • "Dumb as a Rock," (haiku) Star*Line, 34.1, Jan/Mar 2011
          • (untitled), Star*Line, 34.1, Jan/Mar 2011
          Long Poem
          • "Four Poems," The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Oct. 2011
            • Cow
            • Joshua Tree Honeymoon
            • One Day
            • Italian Mama
          • “Lady M,” Best of Ohio 2011 (Ohio Poetry Day 2011)
          • "You Dropped a Metaphor,” Best of Ohio 2011 (Ohio Poetry Day 2011)
          reprinted 2011:


          1. oops. Please note that "Spirit at Troy" is a reprint from newversenews, 2010. Not eligible.

          2. Short Poems:

            (2010) “whorls of dust” Scifaikuest
            (2010) “cargo ship” Scifaikuest
            (2011) “solar sail spread” Scifaikuest
            (2011) “one moon” Scifaikuest
            (2011) “having watched you” Scifaikuest
            (2011) The Wine of Mercury. Mythic Delirium
            (2011) The Catfish Woman. Goblin Fruit
            (2011) Headstone. Old Red Kimono
            (2011) Dust. Talking River


            (2011) Pussy. pacificReview
            (2011) Suicide Bomber. pacificReview

          3. We should start thinking about compiling our 2012 list -- if it's not too early.