Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Speculators 2011 Poems Published

At the end of the year, we usually put together a list of the speculative (science fiction/horror/fantasy) poems we published in the calendar year, so make list of your pubs and put it in the comments section below, or e-mail it to me, and I'll add them.

Categories: short poems (under 50 lines), haiku and scifaiku, long poems (50 lines and over)
(if you list reprints, put them separately)

Speculators 2011:

T. M. Göttl:
(list still incomplete)
Short poems:
    • "Bridges," Franklin Christoph Poetry Contest 2011

    Geoffrey A. Landis:
    Short poems:
        • "Leaf," and "My Father's Ties," Best of Ohio 2011 (Ohio Poetry Day Oct 21 2011)
        reprinted 2011:
        • "'Abd Al Muqeet," Battlerunes: Writings about War
        • "Earthrise, viewed from Meridiani," and "Search," Astropoetica, Winter 2011
        • "Five Pounds of Sunlight," American Journal of Physics, March 2011
        • "8 Cleveland Haiku," Deep Cleveland Poem of the Week (week of April 17)
        • "Albert & Mileva," and "Adamentine," Butterfly Away (MagnaPoets, April 2011)
        • "Your Ghost on my Machine," Hessler Street fair Anthology 2011
        • "Rondel for Apollo 11," Rhysling Anthology 2011
        • "Monsters," Jack O' Spec (Sept. 2011)
        • "Human Potential," and "Quasar," Science Poems
        • "The Spirit Rover Longs to Bask in Sunlight," and "Willie in the Nano Lab," Chambanacon-41 souvenir booklet (Nov 26 2011)

        Dan Smith
        Short Poems
        • "89 cents," Deep Cleveland Junk Mail Oracle 11-28-11
        • "Ruins," Sein und Werden, 4-9-11 on-line
        • "Matinee Motel: Hollywood-Two Humans," Sein und Werden, 4-9-11 print
        • "the bells of the monkeys," Microcosms 7-24-11
        • "we poison life," Microcosms 7-24-11
        • "mining," Microcosms 7-24-11
        • "Conflation," Scifaikuest 2-11 on-line
        • "Chirality," Scifaikuest 2-11 print
        • "the terra-formers " Scifaikuest 2-11 on-line
        • "day sleeper " Scifaikuest 2-11 print
        • "rings of Saturn " Scifikuest 2-11 print
        • "we misjudged" Scifaikuest 2-11 on-line
        • "red sunset " Scifaikuest 2-11 print
        • "Robespierre Had The Greenest Eyes," Paper Crow, vol. 2-issue #1, Spring/Summer 2011
        • "The Rubaiyat of the Green Shazam," "kaliedoscope," and "no substitute for Tegrin,"Pudding Magazine: The Journal of Applied Poetry, #57 Summer 2011
        • "Blue Symphony," SpeedPoets 5-11
        • "The Heart Knows What the Mind Can Only Dream," SpeedPoets 3-11
        • "In Those Moments Kneeling God Shouts From Typewriters of Time Signed First Edition Hallelujahs," SpeedPoets 4-11
        • "sing the coruscate nows, full throated green-published," in Fuck Poetry, Crisis Chronicles #7, 2011
        • Tats, Red Fez 4-11
        • Cleveland Always With Us, Matinee Motel-The Musical, Poetry Eyes, 11-11 in Brandt 21
        • "the house software," Dwarf Stars 2011 (SFPA)

        J. E. Stanley:

        Chapbook: "Rapid Eye Movement" (Crisis Chronicles Press 2011)
          Includes the following poems that are not previously published:
          • scifaiku: "Obsession"
          • long poem: "Speaking to the Hangman is not Permitted"
          Short poems:
          • "Eidolons of the Moon," Chiaroscuro (Chizine): Vol. 47, week 6, May 2011 (also in Rapid Eye Movement)
          • "Pattern Recognition," Star*Line, July-September 2011
          • "Macrocosmic Propagation" (Haibun Version), Star*Line, October-December 2011
          • "apocalypse next," Scifaikuest, November 2011, Print Edition
          • "Event Horizon," Eye to the Telescope, SFPA, May 2011
          • "In the Year of One Hundred Deaths", 2011 Hessler Street Fair Poetry contest
          • "Letter to Poe," Sein und Werden, April 2011, Print Edition
          • "eleven minutes" and "your view," Dwarf Stars, SFPA 2011
          • "crossroads," The 2011 Rhysling Anthology, SFPA 2011
          • "City of Bridges," "Autonomic," "Pattern Recognition," "Empty," "Eleven Minutes," "a night more precious than its absence," "Urban Surrender," "This is Not a Test," "Lost on the Black Opal Highway," "In the Asylum," "Eidolons of the Moon," "Lunaticus (in D Minor)," "Macrocosmic Propagation," "Cabaret" and "The Diner at the End of the World," Rapid Eye Movement (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2011)

          Mary A. Turzillo:

          Short poems
          • "Dumb as a Rock," (haiku) Star*Line, 34.1, Jan/Mar 2011
          • (untitled), Star*Line, 34.1, Jan/Mar 2011
          Long Poem
          • "Four Poems," The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Oct. 2011
            • Cow
            • Joshua Tree Honeymoon
            • One Day
            • Italian Mama
          • “Lady M,” Best of Ohio 2011 (Ohio Poetry Day 2011)
          • "You Dropped a Metaphor,” Best of Ohio 2011 (Ohio Poetry Day 2011)
          reprinted 2011: